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The instrument can test the vacuum circuit breaker ,sf6, oil circuit breaker, GIS and etc.

technical parameter

一、Functional characteristics

1. Immunity : withstand the 550kV electrostatic environment.

2. Transducer: with one analog transducer test ability.

3. Standard: with the standard of DL/T846.3—2004 (P.R.C.).

4. Power: with internal dc power ,the voltage ranges from 15v to 250v.

5. Trigger: with four triggers to start the recording ,channels state, voltage, current and transducer.

6. HMI: via keypad and a large transflective LCD display (320 x 240 pixels).

7. Speed: supply series of speed definition with editable and un-editable selection.

8. Recording: with twelve channels ,coil current and transducer .

9. Print:with internal installed 58mm wide thermal printer.

10. Communication: with RS232 and USB communication interface.

11. Memory: with a SD card of 2GB,the maximum storage ability is 100 test results.

12. USB FLASH: USB and RS232 interface for data communication with the PC.

13. Help: the instrument has internal help topic.


二、Technical Indicators

1. Test channels: 12 channels with 25V,the current is 50mA

2. Transducer: one analog transducer .

3. Time: Recording time length: 0.1~9.9s (use 100ksps)

0.1~20.0s (use 10ksps)

Time accuracy: ±0.l%reading ± 2 LSB

Resolution: 0.01ms (use 100ksps)

0.1ms (use 10ksps)

4. Motion: Range: 0~1000mm

Accuracy : ±1% reading ±1LSB

Resolution : 0.1mm

5. Velocity: Ranges: 0~20.00m/s

Accuracy :±1%reading ±1LSB

Resolution : 0.01m/s

6. DC POWER :Ranges: 5~260V

Max current: 20A

Accuracy: ±1%reading ±1LSB

Load change:≤1%

7. TRIGGER: Voltage: 15~260V

Current: 0.1-20A

Tranducer: the transducer states changes

Channels: channels states changed

8. DIMENSIONS: 380mm×262mm×120mm

9. WEIGHT: 6kg


11. HUMIDITY: ≤80% RH

12. POWER SUPPLY: Voltage: AC 110V±10%


13. SAFETY: Insulation resistance>2MΩ

Leakage current <3.5mA

Immunity: AC 1500V 60Hz,1min

Testing certificate

Product video

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