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CT3900CE Generator Rotor AC Impedance Tester

The instrument can test the vacuum circuit breaker ,sf6, oil circuit breaker, GIS and etc

technical parameter

Functional features:

1.Automatic collection of measurement parameters and speed and impedance characteristic curves

2.Measure the speed and AC impedance of the generator set rotor and its characteristic curve.

3.Thousands of test data can be stored and printed.

4.With overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions, the protection value can be automatically adjusted.

5.Large-screen graphics, simple and convenient operation; display waveform curve, can be zoomed.

6.With U disk storage function, easy to collect and save data.

7.Built-in micro printer, can print measurement parameters in real time

Technical indicators:

1, ac impedance: 0 ~ 999.999 Ω, 0.5%

2. Ac voltage: 0 ~ 600V, 0.2%±2 words

3. Ac current: 0 ~ 120A, 0.2%±2 words

4. Active power: 0 ~ 72kW, 0.5%±2 words

5. Frequency: 45 ~ 65Hz, level 0.1

6. Speed: 0 ~ 5000r/min, 1%

7. Power supply: 220V± 10%, 50HZ

8. Volume volume: 385×265×160 mm, weight: 5 kg

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