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The eighth phase of the special operation relay protection certification trainin


"High Power · Cross-linked Relay Protection Training Base"

Ushered in the eighth training trainees of relay protection operation certification

The eighth phase of special operation relay protection certification training

This month, the relay protection operation certification training was carried out as scheduled, and the final assessment was organized. Pass the assessment and obtain the special operation relay protection certificate issued by the Work Safety Supervision Bureau.

The eighth phase of special operation relay protection certification training

Jiaolian Electric Power Training Center is a training institution designated by Zhejiang Provincial Work Safety Administration. Specially carry out online and offline theoretical and practical verification training for the initial training and retraining of special operation relay protection operation. After the training, the "Special Operation · Relay Protection Operation Certificate" issued by Zhejiang Safety Supervision Administration ".

In addition to the maintenance training and verification, it also carries out high (low) piezoelectricity, high-voltage testing, high-altitude installation, maintenance, dismantling and other operation license training.

If you are interested, please inquire! Registration Hotline: 15805717965 Jiang Gong

▼Training subjects:

Subject 1: Use of safety equipment

Commonly used instruments and meters for relay protection

Inspection and use of common safety equipment

Subject 2: Safe Operation Technology

Discrete component electromagnetic current relay inspection

Current transformer polarity inspection (10kV feeder interval of substation in operation)

Current quick-break protection inspection (line microcomputer protection device)

Line reclosing automatic device inspection

Subject 3: Safety hazard inspection on the job site

Fault finding of circuit breaker closing circuit

Automatic standby power input device refuses to operate

Fault finding for disconnection of trip circuit

Subject 4: emergency response at the job site

Emergency treatment at the scene of electric shock accident

Single-handed CPR operation

Selection and use of fire extinguishers

Instrument configuration:

1. CTGTRP-2 relay protection worker training and assessment device

2. CT6310 microcomputer protection test

3. Analog multimeter

4. Digital Multimeter

5. Analog megohmmeter

6. Digital megohmmeter

7. Galvanometer

The CTGTRP-2 relay protection training and assessment device is designed in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Notice of the State Administration of Work Safety on Doing a Good Job in Special Operations (Electrical) Integration Work" related requirements. The training and assessment items that the device can open fully meet the "relay protection operations" Personnel safety technical training outline and assessment standards".

The eighth phase of special operation relay protection certification training

Before the establishment of the "High Power · Cross-linked Relay Training Base", our company specially developed the CTGTRP-2 relay protection training and assessment device for this purpose, and was equipped with CT6310 three-phase relay protection tester, multimeter, megohmmeter, inspection The flow meter and other related instruments form a complete set of training equipment, which effectively helps trainees to simulate on-site testing and also provides a good training environment in order to fully respond to the assessment outline.

Registration hotline: 15805717965, 0571-89935600

Contact person: Manager Jiang, Teacher Luo


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