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10kV handover test equipment delivery & field test guidance service!


Recently, our company issued a batch of test equipment for handover test to a power construction unit, and provided users with value-added services of on-site test teaching guidance.

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The on-site test service is carried out for the temporary construction change handover test of a newly completed project of the user unit. It is reported that the user unit needs to conduct handover tests for 4 10kV temporary construction transformers (including secondary relay protection) at the construction site. The user unit has not yet established a complete high-level examination team, so we invite our company to cooperate.


The electric test team of our undertaking (repair, test) center cooperates with users to conduct field tests, and at the same time provide on-site teaching guidance on the use of our equipment and related test procedures. Corresponding withstand voltage test, insulation resistance test, relay protection test, cable resonance withstand voltage and other test items are carried out for 4 sets of 10kV transformers and supporting switch cabinets, cables, arresters and other equipment on site.


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