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    Hangzhou high voltage Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the test of "Four Level" qualification. After obtaining this qualification, you can carry out the qualification test for power facilities with vol

Engineering team

Electrical Test Team

Hangzhou Gaodian Technology Co., Ltd.'s electrical test engineering team is a professional high-voltage electrical test team backed by the company's product technology and service support. Undertake the handover and preventive test engineering services of various main transformers of 110kV and below, GIS, switches, transformers, cables and generators of electric power and electricity enterprises. The tester has a special operation certificate and a high-voltage electrician network access license.

Pilot projects

Conduct induction withstand voltage test, DC high voltage test, series resonance test, dielectric loss test, earth network test, insulation resistance test, high voltage switch test, transformer test, relay protection for substations, power distribution rooms, large factories, etc. of different voltage levels Tests, cable fault tests, etc.

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