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High Pressure Test Training

High Pressure Test Training

According to the People's Republic of China National Standard GB-50150 "Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Electrical Equipment Handover Test Standards" and the National Energy Administration Supervision Office on "Construction (Repair, Trial) Electric Facilities License Application Conditions" ) Standards for power equipment construction machinery and equipment ", Hangzhou Gaodian provides one-stop service for testing: equipment supply │ equipment leasing │ instrument maintenance │ charge-off inspection │ qualification application │ practical operation training │ engineering services, long-term free" high voltage Testing Technology ▪ Training Course for Undertaking Tests, promoting the quality and test capabilities of the test-taking enterprises and high-voltage electrical test practitioners and industry exchange platforms, and issuing certificate of completion.

  • Hands-on training program

    According to the maintenance and test projects specified in GB50150, the 10kV / 35kV power stations are involved in the conventional high-voltage test projects.

  • Routine training program

    Insulation withstand voltage: power frequency withstand voltage / cable cross-harmonic / insulation resistance / dielectric loss

    High-voltage switch: mechanical characteristics / operating voltage / circuit contact resistance

    Transformer: on-load tap changer / ratio / direct resistance / no load / short circuit impedance

    Lightning arrester: monitor current / counter verification / leakage current

    Transformer: variable ratio polarity / volt-ampere characteristics / current test / induction withstand voltage

  • Selected training programs

    Earthing impedance: earthing impedance / earth guide / earth resistance

    Power consumption check: capacity judgment / station identification / power analysis

    Reactive power compensation: capacitive inductance / capacitive current

    Partial discharge: no partial discharge of transformer / transformer / generator

    Line impedance: transmission line parameters / generator AC impedance

Relay Protection Training

Relay Protection Training

"Crosslink · High-power Relay Protection Training Base" is mainly for the initial training and re-training of relay protection for special operators.

Electric Power Training

Electric Power Training

Our company and "e Electrician Group" jointly establish a practical training base.

  • 01

    Strong combat effectiveness

    It mainly teaches on-site operation skills, participates in hands-on tests and answers questions.

  • 02

    Practical training

    Teachers and students discuss with each other and fully exchange operation experience and accident analysis.

  • 03

    Free super value

    Free learning, making friends with peers, building a platform, learning, making friends, double harvest!

Training Enrolment

Operation training time: the third week of each month, Friday, free of charge for teaching materials, accommodation and self-care (can be agent)

08:30-12:00 high pressure theory training

13:30-17:00 high pressure test practice

18:00-20:00 test industry Salon

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